Why do so many men want to last longer? It seems to be a massive issue playing in the back of many mens minds. It has never been an issue for me, in fact sometimes Vicky tells me I last too long, but I have alway noticed friends, and colleagues have been very interested in this subject. Whether it be gloating how long they lasted last night, mocking others or trading in dodgy viagra and other erection enhancers. I did once take one of the pills as mentioned earlier and have to say the only thing I got was heart palpitations, I was definitely not BIGGER or HARDER that’s for sure.

This all got me thinking because although I can last as long as I need to once I pop I drop like almost every other man and there is a science to this. Men are not built to last, and Women are, this isn’t a cruel trick played on us by Mother Nature but rather an ingenious biological wonder.

When men ejaculate a cocktail of chemicals are released by the brain, three of these chemicals are all linked to inducing sleepiness. These chemicals are Prolactin, Oxytocin & Vasopressin the worst thing is we produce up to four times more after intercourse compared to after a solo masturbation session, TYPICAL!

As for women, I couldn’t find an explanation of why men and women differ in this way, but it got me thinking back to a wildlife program I was watching about animals mating at Chester Zoo. I vaguely remember a male turtle keeping the female under water for too long during intercourse this led on to a wild dogs mating and in a similar fashion, the female didn’t seem to have a lot of say in the matter. So my conclusion to why women can both last longer and receive multiple orgasms is a sort of safety feature back from when we were hunting dinosaurs. I could be wrong.

So hopefully that covers the why time to move on to how you can last longer and make sure you don’t leave her unsatisfied.


Ok, I know foreplay seems to be the answer to everything when it comes to sex, but it is important. Just because we can get an erection from the slightest peek at the female body doesn’t mean she does. In fact, foreplay pretty much makes or breaks your night of passion. If you get foreplay right your 70% of the way to giving satisfaction if you can achieve orgasm one during foreplay you are doing well.


Always include oral during foreplay take it in turns, I personally will be getting a blow job, and if I feel the urge to ejaculate creeping up on me, I will switch to giving oral. This always works and gives you a chance to compose yourself while keeping her satisfied. If you need a few tips on this check out my Guide to Going Down On Her.

Sex Toys

Your only human and humans are excellent at inventing products and machines to make life easier. Why not have a silicone friend to hand this doesn’t mean you can leave her to it, take charge it is important that you play with your toys together there is nothing worse than one of you feeling left out. Check out my couples guide to sex toys.


Great sex is a marathon, not a race, don’t rush things take your time to enjoy yourself. So many people rush through foreplay jump into action man mode and then drop at the finish line. If you want to last longer, then know your limits find out when you need to slow down or change direction to keep yourself from cumming. Alternate between Oral, Intercourse and Sex Toys. The important thing is to make sure you are both enjoying yourselves and with these techniques how could you not.