I contacted Jiftip after seeing Cara Sutra and The Biggay Review discussing an email exchange between Cara and Jiftip where they were a little scarce with the facts, to say the least. I decided the concept was a little sketchy and I no one was convinced that this product is safe. Anyway, they sent me a sample which I had to pay $3.00 for no biggie, and they insisted that I take an online test before they would send out the sample to make sure I knew what I was doing. It was during this test that I started to worry about the legitimacy of the company and whether they are capable of creating a SAFE product. The questions didn’t mean anything I am not sure if this is a translation issue or if they just don’t have any hard unique selling points. I took screen shots of some of the questions and facts on the questionnaire they left me thinking WTF that’s for sure.

So with this review, I am putting my safety into a product straight from China, and I have had to waive all rights to any injury the product may cause so in the name of science and stupidity lets look at what’s been sent.

First Look

Again alarm bells are ringing as there is no sign of instructions (maybe I was suppose to memorise the questionaire.

Heres what I got:

  • 6 x Jiftips
  • 6 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 4 x Unknown Sachets (Reads Step 3 2-drop)
  • Fancy Black Card Holder with Brass tips

So far the fancy black holder is the best thing I have seen from this company and me don’t even see a use for that because a piece of card wouldn’t last long in your pocket and let’s face it when you’re using a condom things are going to be a little wet and messy.

In Action

So Jiftip say the product is still in Beta so maybe we can forgive them for lack of instructions, after all, I sit the online questionnaire/exam they gave me so I should be a pro right? Well, we shall see.

Now I don’t want my review to be unfair, so I have watched both of the instructional videos below.

Jiftip advise you apply the Jiftip to your penis 30 minutes before intercourse to create a strong bond. Also once on you cannot pee so make sure you are empty.

Real Penis Video

Non Graphic Version

First Attempt

So I went into the bathroom had a pee, and started to clean the head of my penis as shown in the video using the alcohol wipe provided. A little stingy but nothing unbearable. I wafted my cock about to dry him off didn’t take long after all I had just wiped him with alcohol which evaporates quickly. I then applied the Jiftip as shown in the video and rolled the head of my penis for 60 seconds. I then attempted to remove the last part of the paper from the Jiftip, but it just peeled the Jiftip off completely. So I am down to 6 Jiftips.

Final Attempt

So three Jiftips later I finally got the Jiftip to adhere to my bellend just like in the video above. It wasn’t easy, and if I had been in the mood, it would have killed it dead in a second or in one of the seconds that the 5 min it took to get it on. Once it was on and in place, I have to say it wasn’t uncomfortable or irritating so you could like suggested put it on before your going to need it with the one downside of not being able to go for a pee. I kept it on for 30 min while I was flaccid to make sure it wasn’t going to fall off and it didn’t, so far so good. I then decided to ask Vicky to help me test it and after a quick debate regarding it possibly getting lost sex was off the cards, but she was willing to give me a blowjob as long as I made sure she didn’t choke to death (on the Jiftip).

I have to say the blowjob felt great, and I started to warm to my new little rubber friend, he wasn’t stopping any of the sensation at all, and I couldn’t even tell I had him on. It was staying in place with no signs of falling off or coming loose, and Vicky wasn’t holding back at all. But then it all went terribly wrong I had ejaculated, and the Jiftip just wasn’t able to withstand the pressure clearly as myself and Vicky got covered in cum. It had escaped with no problem at all and not only that but once the seal had been broken the Jiftip was just hanging on by a thread. This would have been an absolute disaster if I had unwittingly thought it was safe to use in place of a condom, not only could I have created life I would have also created a rather embarrassing trip to the hospital for Vicky.


I don’t really have much to say other than DO NOT USE this product. It is not in anyway safe or effective against pregnancy or STI’s. I would be very surprised if Jiftip ever makes it into the UK market. So again DO NOT USE JIFTIPS.