Sex at work can make you feel rebellious. The risk of getting caught by a co-worker (or even your boss) can make it all the more steamy and exciting! It’s something I’ve enjoyed several times, so I’ve decided to share my FIVE TOP TIPS for sex in the workplace. Have fun reading through these tips, and you’ll soon be staying late after work or skipping your lunch break for some fantastic sex.

Is it Legal?
As I’ve said in another of my blog posts, don’t break the law! The law on sex in a public place is a little confusing. It’s not criminalised, but each situation is judged on a case-by-case basis. Basically, be cautious and try to be a little secretive about it. Don’t have sex in your boss’ office where there are CCTV cameras, for example, and make sure your workplace doesn’t have cleaners who come in after work hours – they might just see more than they bargained for!

TOP TIP: don’t get caught!

The Cleaning Cupboard
We’ve all seen it in the movies. The flirtatious couple rush into the cleaning cupboard, brooms and mops flying everywhere, shelves of cleaning products falling onto the floor. But – really? The cleaning cupboard? Trust me – there are much better places to have sex at work, and the broom cupboard isn’t one of them!
I’ve tried to avoid creating too much mess in shared offices. After all, it can look a little bit suspicious. Instead, choose somewhere intimate. A private meeting room, a small office, the printer room… somewhere where you can really get down to business and arouse the senses (rather than arouse suspicion!).
Having said this, part of the thrill of sex in the workplace for many people (including me) is the suspense and risk of getting caught. I’ve had sex in one of the admin rooms at work because it has a full-length glass door AND a full-length glass mirror… Enough said.

TOP TIP: start in a secluded location and work your way up to a more public place, like a shared office, where someone could walk in.

What do you want?
Do you want a quickie on your desk? A longer rendezvous in the boss’ office? Even a daring session involving the photocopier? Whatever you want, make sure you speak out about your fantasies and make it everything you want it to be. Don’t be scared to try new things. Oh, and make sure that photocopier doesn’t store scanned images on its hard drive…

TOP TIP : decide what you want to get out of it and make it happen.

Get in Position
Sex positions are an essential part of steamy sex. The workplace has some amazing opportunities for awesome positions. Do it doggy style leaning on the printer, try 69ing on your desk, or even use sticky tape if you’re into something kinkier.
A few weeks back, Vicky picked me up from work, but I was running late, so she came in my office. Yes… she literally came in my office. On my desk, doggy style.
Upright positions can be a popular choice for workplace sex – mainly because they allow for a quick cover-up if someone walks in on you. I find it easiest this way so that I can stay half-clothed and quickly do my trousers back up if I hear someone nearby.

TOP TIP : be daring with positions and use the office furniture to your advantage!

Timing is key. And I’m not talking about how long you take to climax.
If you’ve only got a ten-minute break and some of your colleagues are lurking around the office, this could be the perfect time to nip off in the quiet post room to have a quickie. Or, if you take a little longer to get into the rhythm, staying late might be the best option for you.
Of course, it also depends whether the person you want to have sex with is at work! Vicky doesn’t work at my office, so I’ve sometimes worked late so that she can come to my office for a very important meeting…
One time, Vicky met me for lunch, and we had some fun in the work car park. It was super risky, and two cars drove past us, but because we weren’t having full-blown sex (Vicky was giving me a hand job), it was a lot easier to act ‘natural’.

TOP TIP: choose your timing carefully!