We all masturbate, and most of us will admit that, but do we do it well? Everyone is different, so this guide is just that a guide. Some of the things I advise might work for you or may turn you off in an instant, but they are all worth a try. Knowing how you enjoy masturbating will enhance your love life just as much as it will with your solo play. Knowing how you like your clit stimulating you can tell your partner how to touch you during foreplay and sex.

Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina with at least 8,000 nerve ending this isn’t surprising. You should take your time and massage the clitoris with plenty of lube and build up speed slowly over time. Some people are more sensitive than others but even if you can get off quickly by diving right in with a Doxy wand on full you shouldn’t your orgasm will be much longer and intense if you take your time and build up to faster simulations or bigger vibrations.

Start with your fingers and some good quality water based lube, massage the hood of your clitoris and slide two fingers either side before gently moving on to the clitoris itself. Gently rub the clitoris in a circle motion gradually picking up a little speed. Now is the time you can introduce a small bullet vibrator. Take your time and tease yourself if you feel like your about to climax slow down and hold it in, repeat this three times before just letting yourself go, this will increase the strength of your orgasm ten fold.

Penetrative Stimulation

(pictured is the “Adam” by Godemiche)

I know I have used the heading “penetrative stimulation”, but there is not such thing without a little warm up. I have been experimenting with warming lube up before applying it to my pussy just by filling the bathroom sink with hot water and letting the bottle sit in it for 5-10 min warm lube feels amazing. Also before you start grab your favourite dildo or two or maybe even three.

Apply the heated lube to yourself and don’t be shy we can always wash the sheets. With both hands massage down your thighs, make a triangle with your thumbs and four fingers. Place your thumbs either side of your clitoris, keeping your thumbs in place use your fingers to massage your lips in a grabbing motion.As you massage move your fingers towards your thighs and back in. If you are not ready for some hard cock now carry on, but I am ready to move on. Grab your favourite dildo and slowly rub the shaft between your wet lips. Tease yourself by slightly poking the head of the dildo in a little as you stroke its shaft against the lips of your pussy. Now your ready to take it how you like it, I prefer to start small and work up to a larger dildo that makes me feel filled. Take it nice and slow like you have all the time in the world. Taking your time will build up the ultimate orgasm using this technique I have I have been known to cum that much that I thought I wet myself.

Visual Stimulation

Nothing makes masturbation better than closing your eyes and thinking of the man of your dreams, it helps if he is a porn star of course. You might not be into porn, but you should be! I have a thing for Jonny Sinn’s there is just something about him that makes me weak at the knees. I love the sex noises he makes too. So my go to is any porno starring Jonny Sinns, and when I don’t have porn to watch, of course, it’s my Adam.

Watching porn while you masturbate is a no brainer I suppose, but I also like to try out different porn genres to experiment with new things before I would discuss trying them out in real life with Adam. I discovered I was a little kinkier than I thought I was and Adam has never grumbled. Another one is in front of a mirror, last time I suggested this to a friend they said “why would I want to look at myself” I said because you are hot and the hotter you feel, the better the sex. Besides who doesn’t like to watch themselves fucking? It’s the same thing you get to watch that dildo go to town on you from a third person perspective, and it is HOT! but the hottest thing that gets me off when I masturbate is watching Adam masturbate its like live porn that I can touch nothing will get me going more than watching Adam with his cock in his hand.

Masturbation can be just as varied as sex, why not try masturbating in different places maybe even places you might get caught. I remembered being really horny at work once so snuck off into the stock room and had a little play, luckily I didn’t get caught, but the thought of getting caught was incredible.

I would love to hear your masturbation experiences share them with us all in the comments below. If it needs adding to my guide I will add it with a credit to you.