Having sex in a public place is nothing new, people have been indulging in the practice since the beginning of time. It’s something I have enjoyed many times in different settings. So I have put together this list together of my top tips to great outdoor sex.

Using these tips, you should find the confidence to go out there and explore outdoor sex safely.

Don’t Break the Law

Ok, this is the number one rule because I don’t want anyone getting themselves in trouble on my say so. The law on this one is a little fuzzy. The act of having sex in a public place is not criminalised so to speak; each case is judged on a case by case basis but be warned its murky waters. A lot of whether you’re going to get in trouble or not is more to do with where and when you decide to have sex in public and who catches you at it. As long as your not flashing old ladies or in a place where minors are likely to see you “at it” your more than likely to get a slap on the wrist.

TOP TIP: Don’t get Caught!

Find the spot

For a change, we are not looking for the elusive G-spot this time. When choosing a place to have sex outdoors the world is quite literally your oyster.

Some of the factors to think about:

How public do you want to be?

For a lot of people, the danger of getting caught is the biggest thrill for having sex outdoors. If your one of them then you are going to want to find a secluded place with the potential for foot flow like a carpark, park, alleyway, public toilet, etc. My advice if you are a thrill seeker is to start in quieter areas and work your way up.

What are your kinks?

Do you have any specific outdoor fantasies? Maybe getting lost in the woods, dirty public toilets, sex on the beach, there are 100’s. One of mine was in the snow which we acted out late one night at our local park it was an amazing setting with the snow falling so thick around us it would have been hard to spot us, and the cold air on my nipples just wow.

Why are you having sex outdoors?

You could be having outdoor sex because you just don’t have anywhere else to go, you might be doing it for the danger, or you might just want to do it outside why not?

So it’s all about location when you are enjoying a romp in the great outdoors, so take some time to think about the possibilities.

Outdoor Positions

Sex positions are essential to great sex, and outdoor sex is no different. I remember me and Adam driving to a farm and getting it on in the car in the dimly lit farm yard. Riding him in the driver’s seat with one leg out of the door pushing up from the ground. The sex was amazing, but afterwards, I realised my foot was in a puddle, and my left leg was now covered in mud. It didn’t ruin the moment one bit, but it was a little embarrassing returning to his mum’s house looking like I had been mud wrestling.

Upright positions seem to be a firm favourite as they allow for a quick cover up and escape. Propped on a bonnet or bent over a bench your sure to avoid getting too dirty or the dreaded grass stains. Although getting down and dirty is what its all about for some people.

The Weather

Sex in the Rain

Don’t avoid the mighty elements embrace them so what if there is torrential rain your going to need a shower afterwards anyway and there is nothing sexier than getting wet and wild clothes get more revealing and cling to the body, water droplets gather on the skin and it’s just so damn refreshing besides we are in the UK if you don’t embrace the rain you may never have sex outdoors.

Sex in the sun

There may never be a better way to enjoy the naked body, this will probably require jumping on a plain, but everything is better in the sun. Sex by a private pool or on the beach sipping sex on the beach doesn’t that sound like paradise to everyone?

Sex in the Snow

No, be careful of where you put your private parts you don’t want your bum stuck to a metal bench or his pole getting stuck to a pole now. Sex in the snow was definitely one of my favourites it’s if you enjoy bringing the odd ice cube into the bedroom them this is the one for you. I don’t think my nipples have ever been so hard and Adam loved seeing goose bumps on my bum.


This is pretty obvious but just in case, don’t decide to have sex at a bus stop at 3.15 as the school bus passes its just not right, no matter what you do don’t have sex where minors are likely to catch you. Make sure you choose the right time to have sex in the place you have chosen.