1: Someone invested in her pleasure

Don’t just thrust until you’ve orgasmed and then stop all action. She wants only the same amount of pleasure as you, so make sure you invest some time and effort into giving her a fantastic experience too.

It’s all about communication – ask her what she wants out of your raunchy session and find out what will make the experience even more pleasurable. I love it when Adam asks me what mood I’m in and how he can pleasure me more.

2: Clean sheets

The worst thing is getting onto your knees for some serious doggy style only to find hairs, sweat, coat hangers and other gross stuff in the bed. Clean, fresh-smelling sheets are essential and will make the sex feel that much more luxurious. Make an effort to change the bed before your rendezvous, and you won’t risk being turned off by dirty bed sheets.

3: Protection

Guys should expect to use condoms every time and should be prepared for it unless you agree beforehand as a couple that you’ve both been tested and don’t need to use protection. Condoms are an essential part of sex and will give you peace of mind that your partner’s not giving you anything other than pleasure.

4: An orgasm

A lot of guys focus on reaching their own orgasm, but women want to be pleasured and reach climax too. Ask her what will help her reach orgasm, whether it’s dirty talk, more foreplay, being dominated or a particular position that will stimulate her clitoris. If you know you’ll be exhausted after your orgasm, take care of her orgasm first. Adam often makes me the centre of attention and will only let himself climax once I have… It’s a real turn-on and a gift. Sex is all about being equal, so make sure you’re both getting orgasms out of it if that’s what you both want.

5: Foreplay

Foreplay is often a quick ‘thing’ before the ‘real deal’, or is sometimes a step that’s skipped completely. It shouldn’t be like that. Foreplay can be so stimulating and arousing and will get her even wetter. Foreplay is all about taking your time, playing with her, exploring her, and getting to know how she likes it. Don’t rush it and really get to know her inside and out… It’s
something all women crave in bed.

6: Realistic expectations

Lots of guys, girls and even couples watch so much porn these days that their expectations can be totally unrealistic, which will only lead to disappointment when she can’t lick her own clit, or morph into that crazy position you presumed every woman would be able to accomplish. Women want you to take them for who they are in bed, and have realistic expectations of their bodies, wants and needs. Don’t pretend you’re
Christian Grey. Instead, talk about your expectations and keep things realistic.