Sex is amazing – there’s no denying it. But you can always improve on perfection. With recent technological advances and more research into sex and its benefits, the world of sex seems like it’s constantly developing and changing.

So, here are five sex trends that I think will make sex a whole lot more exciting in 2018.


Technology is becoming so advanced that even people in long-distance relationships will soon be having sex while they’re thousands of miles apart. It’s called ‘teledildonics’ and, by using your normal internet connection, you’ll be able to ‘feel’ your partner and what they’re doing with their own sex toy remotely, regardless of whether they’re in the next room or on the next continent.

This idea is pretty novelty, and most teledildonic toys are expensive. Having said this, I’m hoping that popularity will grow, and that the cost may reduce slightly over the next year or so, so that teledildonic toys become accessible for more couples all over the globe.


I used to watch a lot of porn… The fake, set-up videos. The blonde woman with big boobs giving a blow job to a ripped guy sprayed in gallons of fake tan. You know the kind.

Now, I much prefer homemade porn. I like watching normal couples getting it on. It’s so much more realistic. More amateur couples will be uploading their content in 2018, and it’s definitely a sex trend to look out for (and even try out yourself, if you’re into that kind of thing!).


Vicky makes me hot under the collar, and knows exactly what I like. We often use sex toys to make our sex even more intense, but she has so many more than me!

I think it’s time for more vibrating toys for men, and maybe even toys that Vicky and I can share (or use at the same time).
2018 will bring many more sex toys with it. I’m hoping there might even be some new sex toys released, that haven’t ever been created before.


I’ve read several articles about sex retreats, and I’m quite intrigued. I’m not talking about couples’ therapy retreats, but actual ‘sexual wellness’ hotels that cater for amazing sex and everything that revolves around it.
From what I’ve read, when you go on the retreat as a couple, it involves sensual couples massages, talks about sex and what you want from it, a very cosy bedroom and comfortable king-size bed (and lots of sex, obviously).

I’m hoping more sex retreats will open across the globe in 2018, so that Vicky and I can properly look into going on a hot, steamy weekend away. I think we’ll learn a lot about sex and about each other!


Yep, I’m talking about butts again, and I’m not even sorry!

I love pleasuring Vicky, and there are so many butt plugs out there, but there’s been nothing new introduced for butt-lovers for ages. I’m hoping we’ll see more anal toys and experimental toys available in 2018, so that we can spice up anal foreplay even more.