1: Strip-Pong

A bit like the popular game with cups, ping-pong balls and beer… except you can skip the beer. Simply arrange a pyramid of cups at both ends of a table and take it in turns to throw a ping-pong ball into one of your partner’s cups. Every time you get a ball in a cup, your partner has to remove that cup and take off an item of clothing. Every time the thrower misses, they have to take off an item of clothing. Keep going until all of the cups are gone, or until you’re both naked…

2: Horny Porn

Watch porn together, and each chooses one position or move that really turns you on, then try it out together! You might find you’re not flexible enough to make it work, or you might just discover your next go-to position that gives you ultimate pleasure!
Either way, it’s fun to experiment.

3: Kinky Cards

Place a pack of shuffled cards face-down on a table. Assign each suit a sexy meaning and take it in turns to pick up a card, treating each other to the sexy move you’ve drawn from the pack. The number on the cards is the number of seconds you have to do the action for. Adam and I like to twist the rules a little each time, but we generally say spades is taking off an item of clothing, hearts is kissing each other, clubs is licking each other somewhere, and diamonds is using our hands for foreplay.

4: Question Time

Lie on your bed naked and have your partner stand in the doorway. Ask your partner a question about yourself. Every time they answer correctly, they can take a step towards you. Every time they’re wrong, they take a step back. How many questions does it take for them to reach you on the bed? This game comes with so much suspense and lust!

5: Horny House

This is a simple game which some may find tricky… Have sex in every room of the house, but you can only orgasm in the final room. You’ve got to hold out until then. Can you make it? Adam usually orgasms quite early when we try and play this game. We’ve got eight rooms in the house, and the furthest he’s got is the fourth room!

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6: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Put a timer on for seven minutes, get in a dark closet or cupboard with your partner,
and get it on. The timer and sense of urgency will get things very steamy very quickly!

7: Strip Scrabble

Just like the original game of Scrabble, but you can only spell out kinky or rude words. For every word you make, you remove an item of clothing.

8: Sex Session

Put the timer on 10 minutes, and start having sex. The aim of the game is to fit as
many positions into the 10-minute session as possible. Mine and Adam have reached a record number of 13 positions… It’s quite difficult because you start getting so much pleasure from a particular position that you keep going for several minutes before remembering you’re being timed!

9: Sealed with a Kiss

Think of a specific part of your body (examples include little finger, clitoris, right
nipple… you get the idea) and your partner has to keep kissing lots of different parts of your body until he finds the right spot!

10: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Do particularly kinky things and get into amazingly sexy positions that your partner has to copy exactly. If they can’t copy it or they fall over, give them a forfeit.

11: Anything But The Thing

The ‘Thing’ being penetration, you can literally do anything sexual except for actual
penis penetration. It’s trickier than you first think.

12: Tear Up The Top

Buy a cheap vest top or T-shirt to wear, or just wear one you already have that you don’t mind getting ruined, and ask your partner to tear it up! Get in the mood, and tear up your top, and you’ll start to feel really kinky. Bonus points if you can tear up the top without using your hands…